• Polaris Apartments

    Guaynabo. Puerto Rico, 2023   Polaris Apartments comprises 16 one- and two-bedroom units with parking and courtyards. Located in Guaynabo; close to the municipality of San Juan.    

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  • Palacios de Versalles Apartments

    Toa Alta, Puerto Rico (2012)   Concept This suburban residential walk-up apartment development, located near San Juan, establishes an essential new variation on a typical building type in Puerto Rico. Its overall composition is a series of three, 3-story buildings, each containing five or six apartments each are clustered into an ensemble, enclosing a semi-private […]

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  • Ponce de Leon 1800

    Ponce de Leon 1800 Mixed-use

    Santurce, Puerto Rico (2006) Winner: 2003 Puerto Rico Department of Housing Competition   This project includes 31,800 SF of retail space with 200 units of market-rate housing comprised of townhouses and flats.   Arranged around courtyards over parking one and two bedroom units either look into the courtyard or Santurce’s main civic through-fare. The project […]

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  • Plaza Bellas Artes

    Plaza Bellas Artes Apartments

    Santurce, Puerto Rico (2004)   Large detached dwellings and multi-story apartment buildings define the character of this site.   Situated on a quiet residential street this project is 51 unit courtyard apartment development is the first phase of development of mixed-rate apartment units. An enclosed courtyard space provides children with a safe secure play area […]

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  • Entry Court Perspective

    Bellas Artes Plaza Mixed-use Apartments

    Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico (2004)   This continuation of the Plaza Bellas Artes Apartments Development includes public and private outdoor spaces, a 55,000 sf retail and office program, covered parking for over 800 cars and 353 flat and townhouse apartment units. A parking podium provides an interior courtyard for townhouse units arranged over flats. […]

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  • Dorado Courtyard view from Street

    Dorado Courtyard Work Force Apartments

    Dorado, Puerto Rico (2005)   Work Force Housing: Dorado’s housing stock is dominated by both wealthy and upper-middle-class residential developments and low-income, social interest development. The middle-class working market is under-represented. Since Dorado is desirable for its beaches, golf courses and, upscale hospitality venues, housing for workers to support this community is needed, and yet […]

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  • Paseo de Diego Aerial

    Paseo De Diego Mixed-use

    Rio Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico (2011)   This 130 unit infill mixed-use courtyard project occupies an important site on the Paseo De Diego pedestrian street in the center of Rio Piedras, directly adjacent to the University of Puerto Rico campus. The program includes over 15,000sf of interior courtyard and 7,000sf of retail. The apartments […]

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  • Villas de San Agustin

    Villas de San Agustin Apartments

    San Juan, Puerto Rico (2002)   These 78 market-rate three and four-bedroom apartments are tightly arranged in a radial design around a compact core.  All the units have excellent views, and two-story penthouses include large terraces. Community spaces are located at the ground floor of each tower and a pool is accessible directly from the […]

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  • Guanica-Central-Sugar-Mill

    Guanica Central Master Plan

    Ensenada, Puerto Rico (1999)   The Conceptual Master Plan developed by YSA for the adaptive re-use of the Old Guanica Central Sugar Mill includes the adjacent 800-acre parcel known as Monte Las Pardas. This historically and culturally important area of Puerto Rico has been in an economic decline since the closing of the sugar mill. […]

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  • Santa-Fe-Paseo

    Santa Fe Master Plan

    Mexico City, Mexico (1995)   This project is part of what was destined to be the last mega-project within the area of metropolitan Mexico City. Once the city landfill, this 800-acre site is the location of a new district known as Santa Fe. Following our work on the master plan for Santa Fe, YSA designed […]

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