• California-House-IV

    California House IV

    Napa Valley, California (1997)   This vineyard produces some of the finest Napa Valley Cabernet from the prized Rutherford Bench area. The winery component of the project, which includes production, storage, and hospitality elements, went through several iterations over many years. Ultimately the process resulted in one of the most extensive and elaborate set of […]

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  • San Juan House III Remodel

    San Juan, Puerto Rico 2015   In line with modern design and contemporary living trends, this innovative project undertakes a transformative journey by repurposing an existing 1961 tract home into a stylish, updated dwelling while adhering to structural constraints and maintaining the original square footage. Leveraging allowable code parameters, strategic enhancements were made, including the […]

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  • San Francisco Schools

    San Francisco Schools Rehabilitations

    San Francisco, CA (1998)   Inevitably the programs for schools change, and the building facilities need modifications to meet new needs. Over the years, YSA has completed over 20 of these remodels. Illustrated here, are a representative group of seven schools remodeled for the San Francisco School District.

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