Design Structure

Central to the mission of Young & de la Sota Architects is the commitment to excellence in design and quality project development services. Our goal is the completion of projects designed with an intelligent understanding of our client’s needs, a rigorous focus on detail, and strict attention to schedule and budget.


Our breadth of experience in the design of a wide variety of projects, combined with an emphasis on strong management, assures the efficient and professional delivery of our services. YSA often uses an interdisciplinary, rather than top-down, team strategy for more complex projects.  With planners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, interior designers, graphic designers and economists, YSA provides a wide range of services. 


By creating partnerships with our clients, consultants and contractors, we draw from the strength of established relationships and share equally in the goals, incentives and responsibilities of a genuine team approach. By organizing communication between clients, designers, consultants and contractors, a sense of shared responsibility and common goal can be achieved. Orderly communications insure that important design and construction details developed during the design process are not lost. In short, teamwork works.


As a project progresses through it’s sequential phases, we carefully plan our work to insure that a team consisting of a lead partner and key personnel remain responsible for the project until our work is completed. 


There is no question that good design stems from strong, efficient management. Accordingly communication regarding schedules, contracts and coordination is the responsibility of the partner who is in charge of the project. The trust between client and architect is essential for the maximum success of a project, and a formula of direct communication between client and designer/manager encourages a successful working relationship.


With an understanding of design’s increasingly complex and challenging demands, the partner overseeing and intimately involved with a project is in an excellent position to guide the various consultants who are often required during various phases of the design process.


The partners and other professionals of YSA believe that design excellence can best be achieved by a hands on managerial approach, and that all phases of a project from predesign to post-occupancy evaluations are important. Our commitment to direct supervision on each project limits the overall number of assignments we can undertake during a given period, but increases the potential for truly successful delivery of service.


We continuously explore new ways of thinking, new ways of working, and new ways of collaborating. Today’s business environment demands these new ways of thinking and working. We know that a willingness to think outside the box will lead to higher quality results in far less time