San Antonio Terrace

East Oakland, California (1996)


In East Oakland, San Antonio Terrace is a 92-unit mixed-use rental development sponsored by non-profit community organizations. Financed by federal, state, and local funds, it features townhomes for larger families and flats for smaller households clustered around courtyards. It also includes 11,000 s.f. of retail, a child care center and, a community facility.


The housing is designed for households with incomes ranging from 35% to 55% of the area median. All family dwellings are designed as townhomes, located in the more protected rear courtyards, with no more than 20 families per court. Smaller units for people without children, such as seniors and singles, are arranged as flats along corridors in a 4-story elevator-served building facing the main boulevard, East 14th Street.