Kit Haus Resilient Building

We believe everyone should have a sustainable place to live regardless of his or her income level.


Here is an example of that thinking: a house that can be adjusted to its users’ needs while maintaining a connection with its surroundings and natural habitat.


Our post-Hurricane Maria award-winning design for the CAAPPR and CIAPR, “Mi casa Resistente” competition continues to increase in relevance to today’s disaster recovery context. Low or moderate income, young families and elderly, need homes where they feel not only safe and secure but also support a superior lifestyle.


As showcased in the PR College of Architects’ Competition, our house design: Modular, maximized use of the lot space, personalized, protected, sustainable, context-oriented, comfortable, with areas for carport, workshops, gardens, and most important – economical.


Because of its modular construction, this building can be built with minimally skilled labor making it more available to a broader range of family circumstances.


A kit of parts permits a nearly infinite number possibilities: enclosures, bedrooms, layouts, and floor heights, can all be adjusted for the specific site and lifestyle needs of the individual resident.


Meeting the needs of many of today’s residents will require storm-resistant housing on the island of Puerto Rico with one small house – YSA’s “Kit Haus.”