Il Frescati III

Palo Alto, California (1994)


An Il Frascati Restaurant was added on the ground level as a major component of the Cambridge Hotel renovation. This elegant gourmet Italian restaurant is 6,000 square feet and seats up to 184 people. The design challenge was to create an atmosphere that integrates itself into the American 1920’s style Hotel and at the same time maintains the distinctive character of the Il Frascati Restaurants. Entering the restaurant, one immediately senses its terrazzo entry floors and custom wood windows, which help to establish a contextual relationship to the Hotel’s design. Additionally, the wood windows are designed to match existing windows and create an overall unity in the exterior of the building.


Three traditional entry marquis were placed on the exterior entry to the restaurant, which provides a lovely place for Il Frascati Restaurant’s signage and makes reference to the Marquis at the Hotel’s entrance.


The main dining room is one large space with grand columns that define intimate dining areas within it. Cherry wood bar fronts and marble counters provide richness to the space. Banquette seating in the main room and cocktail area echo the 1920’s flavor of the Hotel but are covered in rich, contemporary Italian fabrics. Venetian blown glass chandeliers and sconces also complement the style of the Cambridge. At least one YSA principal participated as design architect, supervising architect and/or designer while associated with the architect-of-record for this project.