Guanica Central

Ensenada, Puerto Rico (1999)


The Conceptual Master Plan developed by YSA for the adaptive re-use of the Old Guanica Central Sugar Mill includes the adjacent 800-acre parcel known as Monte Las Pardas. This historically and culturally important area of Puerto Rico has been in an economic decline since the closing of the sugar mill. Our Master Plan considers the natural and cultural Environment to be central to the long term success of the regional development into Puerto Rico’s new tourist zone.


YSA’s interdisciplinary approach to the master plan included Coastal Land Planning, Land Planning Economics, Community Economic Rehabilitation Plans, Historic, and Cultural Resources Preservation strategies, Best Management – Golf Course Design, as well as Urban Design, Architecture and Landscape Architecture.


Selected the winning Master Plan in a competition sponsored by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, YSA lead an interdisciplinary team in the refinement of the concept into a final Master Plan.