Caguas Courtyard Apartments

Caguas, Puerto Rico (2012)


The central goal of this design is to provide high-quality, affordable housing with supportive services where the residents can feel safe to raise families, flourish, and feel proud of their living environment. At the same time by increasing the density of the existing site, both the existing downtown commercial businesses and new residents will benefit from each other’s presence.


The design for this urban block includes a total of 94 arranged around an interior courtyard. The ground floor level provides community services, lobby areas, a daycare center, on-grade courtyards and a parking garage for 89 spaces and four affordable housing units. On the second (courtyard) level, the apartments units are arranged around the interior courtyard. The total construction area of the project is 110,322 square feet.


The courtyard is to provided to secure passive recreation space, a playground area for kids and area for casual encounters between the residents.  It gives residents a place to gather and build a sense of community.